le loup mange

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sad black girl. 24. nyc/nj


there are characters that i used to really dislike in the past and now i love them so dearly and it’s just like. i’m sorry. i was wrong about you. i’m so sorry. i was so wrong

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Currently: At my old retail job, applying for a spot after I peaced the fuck outta here happy, vowing to never work retail again months before graduation.

That fedloans email reminding me in halfway thru my grace period tho changes things tho

Time to spend my weekends pacifying moms who don’t read fine print on coupons and watch my coworkers clean up the occasional shit someone takes in the dressing room

it always takes me such a long time to get into albums these days. artists come out w new ones when i still haven’t gotten into their previous ones

maybe i should start buying actual cds instead of dl-ing